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Reading Endorsement Program

The Malone University Reading Endorsement Program is designed to prepare current teachers to positively impact the learning of K-12 students.

The Reading Endorsement Program consists of 15 semester hours of graduate coursework and is offered entirely online. It is possible that applicants who have taken reading courses in the last 10 years may not need to take all 15 hours. An individual transcript audit will help determine a candidate’s program of study. A passing score on the Ohio Assessments for Educators is also required to obtain the endorsement.

Graduate courses taken at Malone University for the Reading Endorsement may be applied to a graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction with the completion of other program requirements (minimum of 36 graduate hours) within seven years.

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Educational Leadership Meeting the Individual Needs of Diverse Students (ELMINDS)

Attention all educators! Malone University receives new grant to develop and launch leadership program that will benefit you and your students! 

The Educational Leadership Meeting the Individual Needs of Diverse Students (ELMINDS) project is geared towards developing an online masters program in educational leadership that will provide candidates with the appropriate training to be effective school leaders. The project will encompass a unique and research-based curriculum with an importance on aiding school leaders in becoming knowledgeable in the practice of meeting the needs of diverse students.

The Department of Education at Malone University is actively engaged in the local school districts and surrounding community which is one of the program’s strengths in that it aids in placing teacher and principal candidates in the field to gain real world experience. The ELMINDS project seeks to further develop these partnerships with as many school districts as possible in order to provide a quality program for its prospective principals. Attention to research based models and methods of instructional leadership in schools through quality principal preparation and leadership development programs are the primary reason partnering with these districts is beneficial. The attention to improving educational leadership training methods, coupled with training in leading increasingly diverse (culturally and linguistically) populations, was another intentional part of the decision to include these school districts within the partnership team for the ELMINDS project.

In order to further develop the Educational Leadership Program to move towards the aforementioned research based and inclusive leadership model the ELMINDS Project is working to achieve the following six goals:

  1. Increase the number of trained educational leaders in Northeast Ohio with the Principal License.
  2. Provide a program that increases the opportunities for networking between professionals studying for a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership, and current educational leaders.
  3. Provide more flexible degree completion options by using a streamlined sequence of web-enhanced courses for educational leaders who will earn a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership.
  4. Provide a program in educational leadership that provides for the diverse needs of the northeast Ohio population.
  5. Develop an educational leadership program that encompasses the research, study, and application of a variety of research models such as inclusive leadership, servant leadership, distributive leadership, and proactive leadership.
  6. Exceed the state average on Ohio Assessments for Educators for principal leader candidates who successfully complete the program.

By working to accomplish the above goals the ELMINDS Project hopes to eventually institute a high quality program of studies for Malone University and its constituents, which will prepare education leaders for Stark County and Northeast Ohio who are trained in diversity that includes working with students who have cultural, economic, disability, gifted, and/or racial differences.

Aubrey Moore, Education Graduate Assistant

Roger N. Morris, Ed. D., Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

For information please contact Dr. Morris at rmorris@malone.edu

Gifted Intervention Specialist Endorsement

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Malone University will soon be offering a new academic program in education with the development of a gifted intervention specialist endorsement that can be completed completely online.

The new program helps teachers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide leadership for other teachers in meeting the needs of students who are gifted.

The program was developed by practitioners for practitioners, designed to allow teachers to complete the practicum for the program with the gifted students in their classrooms.

Diane Oplinger is the coordinator of gifted students for the Stark County Educational Service Center and an instructor at the School of Education and Human Development at Malone.

“The focus on meeting the needs of all learners has increased the awareness of the social/emotional and academic needs of gifted learners,” said Oplinger. “As there was not a gifted endorsement available locally, several area gifted coordinators met to design a series of classes that we felt would help educators meet the needs of gifted learners while also obtaining their gifted endorsement. The coordinators agreed that the goal of the classes would be useful and practical for any classroom teacher. With the help of the Malone staff, this series of classes was successfully created that accomplished our goal.”

The Ohio Department of Higher Education approved the program in mid-December,  with classes able to enroll in early Spring.

Learn more at: www.malone.edu/gifted.

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